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Behind The Scenes at Longwood Garden: Italian Water Garden

Recently, I had the opportunity to join a behind-the-scenes tour of one of the most picturesque areas of Longwood Garden – the Italian Water Garden. Pierre DuPont designed this garden after a visit to Ville D’Este

Visitors are not allowed to wander around this particular garden making it  a special treat to gain access to this area. I have to say that it is even more spectacular up close. It is good to see Longwood Garden loosening up and sharing some of its behind the scenes secrets with the public.

A couple scenes from the garden.

Like what you see? You can view more photos of Longwood on Flickr

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New Plant: Madagascar Jasmine

Stephanotis floribunda

Picked up this Jasmine on sale at Longwood Garden. I will need to pot up the plant and add a trellis before bringing it indoors for the winter. The flowers smell heavenly, if only a picture could smell…

Behind the Scenes at Longwood Production Greenhouse

Ever wonder how Longwood Garden maintains its spectacular displays in the Conservatory and around the grounds?

Longwood Production Greenhouse

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to peek behind the scenes at Longwood Garden’s production greenhouses. The staff of Longwood offer a behind-the-scenes tour of the production greenhouses to small groups of visitors – no more than 20 per tour.  You get a first hand look at how large gardens organize, sow and grow numerous varieties of plants destined for display.

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How Do You Say ‘Holy Cow What A Great Exhibit’ in Dutch?

What found me in Kennett Square today was the need to renew my membership to Longwood Garden, while at the garden I planned to take a quick tour of the Idea Garden to see how their garden grows. I have to report that it growing very well and I only wish my vegetable gardens looked as smart as the one pictured below:

Vegetable Beds at Longwood

I even made a quick video of the Idea garden with my trusty Flip camcorder:

Walking past the conservatory, the wind carried a scent of flowers. Intrigued, I walked into the Conservatory and found myself speechless and immersed in the sweet fragrance of Lilies. I had entered into Lilytopia 2010.  While taking in this spectacular display, I met ‘The Lily Guy’ – one of the designers of this exhibit. Lucky for me, I had my handy Flip camcorder and recorded a quick interview:

Thanks to a wonderful collaboration of talented designers at Keukenhof and Longwood Gardens visitors and members can experience this sensational exhibit.

Lilytopia – on display from May 21 -31, 2010 at Longwood Gardens.

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