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Why Choose Moo Business Cards

Just in time for spring, I’ve ordered a set of Urban Garden Goddess business cards from Moo.

Moo’s take on business cards-as-usual has really turned the typical business card on its ear. Through innovative green technology these cards make a great introduction while smartly protecting the environment.

Want to know more? Check out the video below the cut.

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Rosemary in Winter

Rosemary In Winter

A garden update in mid January.  Everything in the garden is in hibernation except for the Rosemary. Nothing to see in the garden except snow and dog tracks.  The birds are ignoring the suet set on the fence for their partaking.  A typical Philly garden in winter. Wait till spring, folks, I’ve planted dozens of tulip bulbs around this garden.

Snowbound Garden

The work now is in reviewing my seeds, plotting out where the vegetables will grow and when to start sowing the seeds in the cold frame/greenhouse.

Used the last of the dried Thyme to season bread being mixed and baked in the BreadMan. Home made bread is a thousand times better than anything store-bought. A bread machine is well worth the investment in time and money.

Registrations Completed – Training Ongoing

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Quick update:

Registered for the 2011 Broad Street Run at 10:01 am yesterday. The nation’s largest 10 mile run with the number of participants capped at thirty THOUSAND. I registered online as soon as reasonably possible.

Added another race to the list, 16th annual 10K Dash for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness. The race scheduled on  Saturday, April 17th. I see this as a good training race for the Broad Street Run and raising awareness for organ and tissue donations.

I have registered for the ING Rock N Roll Half Marathon set for September 18th. This is my year!

Eat, Pray, Run in 2011

Celebrating the New Year Philly Style

This isn’t your typical New Year resolution post, I’ll leave that chore to lesser mortals; I didn’t earn the title of ‘goddess’ from nothing.  Of course, I’m fully aware that we are already a week into then new year; punctuality was never a strong trait for me.

So whats on deck for 2011?  Three simple yet closely interrelated actions: Eat, Pray, Run.

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