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Royal Wedding Live Stream


Team Philly Update – I Can See City Hall From Here!

Team Philly Race Training

Little more than two weeks till the 2011 Broad Street Run, and the training is going very well. I’m confident that I’m going to have a good run on May 1st, thanks to the expert advice from the coaches, fitness experts and nutritionists of Team Philly.  Joining this group was a wise investment of time and money.  New this year for the 2011 Broad Street Run – Medals!

Ran the Kelly Drive Loop today. I adored this run,  the scenery is spectacular and it keeps your interest during the run. It is now my official favorite loop to run.

After last week’s run, I had time to snap a few photos of the Cherry Blossoms blooming all over the place. Ahh, I run in beauty.

Cherry Blossom

New Years Eve Breakfast Scones

New Year’s Eve begins with a homemade breakfast, this year I’m trying out a White Chocolate Raspberry scone mix from Rabbit Creek Gourmet Food Products.  The packaging included a small whisk to combine the scone ingredients and water. The amount of product, according to the instructions yields about 16-18 scones. I made 6 rather large scones with this batch. In doing so, I increased the length of time recommended to cook the scones; from 14 minutes to 20 minutes.  Oh did these taste heavenly, you can see the dense amount of raspberry and white chocolate chips in the raw mix.  A tasty twist on an old tradition.
In the photo below, I’ve mixed the white chocolate raspberry scone ingredients and ready to place on cookie sheet:

Mix ingredients with a half cup of water

In the oven – nice and hot:

Set oven to 400 degrees, bake 11-14 minutes

Finished product served with Strawberry, Apricot preserves and Cranberry applesauce.

White Chocolate Rasberry Scone

Christmas 2010

A Christmas Wish

Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves. ~Eric Sevareid

May all my readers have a Merry Christmas full of peace and love, surrounded by family and friends.

Yule Lore


Winter Solstice or Yule – the longest night of the year brings a mythic tradition that sees the replacement of the Holly King with the Oak King.

Carrot Harvest and Seedling Update

Not bad for a beginner! Next time, I will be more aggressive when it comes to thinning the carrot seedlings and loosening the soil. The varieties pictured above are Chatenay and Scarlett Nantes. Two safe (i.e. practically guaranteed to grow) types of carrot. I’m perusing Territorial Seed catalog for next year’s selection and am digging the purple ones. I will say the carrots grew remarkably well on the 4X4 raised bed. Next year, I’ll try them in the 3X6 bed and in containers on the patio.

The beets are coming up quite well and I can’t wait to put these in the 4X4 raised bed. I’ve got three varieties – Red Sangria, Golden, and Striped Chiogga growing in the greenhouse. I’m hoping for a good Romaine lettuce harvest before the first frost as well.

I’ve planted more Romain seeds as well as Burpee’s Red Beet seeds – one can never have enough beets. Yes, that would be my eastern European ancestry coming through. There is nothing like a good onion and beet soup – mmmm..mmmm..good.

New rule: Honesty

We’ve had enough misdirection in our lives based on lies. Good, bad or ugly, truth always percolates. From now on, truth will be front and center.

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