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A Morning Glory Blooms

Didn’t expect any blooms to happen this year as I seeded these flowers in July. Two days ago, as I checked on the garden, I noticed this spectacular bloom in the trellis.



PHS Judges Revisit My Little Garden

Last Monday, I had the pleasure to meet four judges from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and show them around my little garden. I was thrilled to discover that my garden was picked for final judging. Citywide judging was completed on August 2oth and now I await the decision of the judges to see how my garden fared in this year’s city garden competition.

The above photo was taken by one of the judges and she kindly emailed me a copy of the photo. Thanks, Vickie!

Carrot Harvest and Seedling Update

Not bad for a beginner! Next time, I will be more aggressive when it comes to thinning the carrot seedlings and loosening the soil. The varieties pictured above are Chatenay and Scarlett Nantes. Two safe (i.e. practically guaranteed to grow) types of carrot. I’m perusing Territorial Seed catalog for next year’s selection and am digging the purple ones. I will say the carrots grew remarkably well on the 4X4 raised bed. Next year, I’ll try them in the 3X6 bed and in containers on the patio.

The beets are coming up quite well and I can’t wait to put these in the 4X4 raised bed. I’ve got three varieties – Red Sangria, Golden, and Striped Chiogga growing in the greenhouse. I’m hoping for a good Romaine lettuce harvest before the first frost as well.

I’ve planted more Romain seeds as well as Burpee’s Red Beet seeds – one can never have enough beets. Yes, that would be my eastern European ancestry coming through. There is nothing like a good onion and beet soup – mmmm..mmmm..good.

Garden Fresh Baby Carrots

Ava and Her Carrots

Harvested the carrots today in order to make room for the beet seedlings. Ava had a great time pulling the carrots out of the soil. A great gardener in the making, if I say so!

Green Manure for Raised Beds

Crimson Clover - Green Manure

Crimson Clover, a green manure, arrived today along with a packet of free seeds encouraging gardeners to donate fresh veggies to a food bank.

This green manure will be sown on the three raised beds this fall and will remain over winter till it is cut down early spring. The cover crop is then blended into the soil adding much needed organic material. This is an all natural way to boost the nitrogen content in your soil which in turn will boost your crop yield.

Apparently, that chem class in HS or College was not completely useless 🙂

Green Arrow Peas

Green Arrow Peas

Planted in a container with a trellis heirloom Green Arrow Pea seeds.

This is a dwarf variety which produces large 4″ pods each containing 9 to 11 sweet peas. Since it is a cool season plant and I missed out on spring planting, I’ve decided to plant out my spring collection this fall.

Fall Vegetable Planting

Planted Romain lettuce, Jewel Colored Beets and Alyssum using toilet rolls as seed starter containers. Once the seedlings are ready to be transplanted into the ground or raised beds, just plant the seedling and the roll into the soil – easy peasy.

I’ve garlic on order from Territorial Seed Company, and will plant them as soon as they arrive.

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