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Set Them Free!

Lady Bugs

I set free a bunch of Lady Bugs this evening in hopes they find a great home and proceed to munch on any aphids, mealybugs and spider mites that may lurk in my garden. I checked out other non organic garden pest eradicators with Permethrin and was not cool with the large red warning to keep the product away from children. Imagine eating vegetables coated with this stuff?? Not in my garden.

Good luck, Ladybugs!


New Additions To The Garden

Last week I wrote of the completion of the garden, well, I was premature in that assessment. I picked up packets of Carrot seed at a local grocery the other day and have planted three of the five varieties.

The seeds are from NK Lawn and Garden based in Norton, Massachusetts. I’m taking a leap of faith in planting the seeds directly into the garden and hoping for the best.

Of the five varieties, I planted today:

Chatenay – “Outstanding in heavy, poor soils. Short, thick carrots keep flavor without becoming woody.”

Little Finger – “Ideal for serving whole as baby carrots. The short, cylindrical roots have smooth skins and sweet flavor.”

Scarlet Nantes – “Dependable sweet flavor, snapping-crisp texture and bright orange color.”

I made sure the seeds were planted between the rows of onions in the raised beds – a tip gleaned from Claire’s Allotment video series on YouTube. The remaining two types of carrots, Tendersweet and Danvers, will be sown in 3 week increments to extend the carrot harvesting time.

Signs of Life

The garden is coming along nicely, thanks to mother nature and a little help from me. The potatoes have broke the surface and are leafing out quickly.

Russett Potato

I’ve created a small experiment with the Russet Potatoes – I planted four in the native soil and two were planted in the raised bed. Both sets have burst through the surface at roughly the same time, I will continue to monitor their progress to see what medium gives a better yield.

Recently, garlic shoots starting appearing on the scene:

Flowers have debuted on the Tomato plants:

This grand experiment is off to a robust start and I hope in time to prepare a meal of two from the harvests of this garden.

How Do You Say ‘Holy Cow What A Great Exhibit’ in Dutch?

What found me in Kennett Square today was the need to renew my membership to Longwood Garden, while at the garden I planned to take a quick tour of the Idea Garden to see how their garden grows. I have to report that it growing very well and I only wish my vegetable gardens looked as smart as the one pictured below:

Vegetable Beds at Longwood

I even made a quick video of the Idea garden with my trusty Flip camcorder:

Walking past the conservatory, the wind carried a scent of flowers. Intrigued, I walked into the Conservatory and found myself speechless and immersed in the sweet fragrance of Lilies. I had entered into Lilytopia 2010. ¬†While taking in this spectacular display, I met ‘The Lily Guy’ – one of the designers of this exhibit. Lucky for me, I had my handy Flip camcorder and recorded a quick interview:

Thanks to a wonderful collaboration of talented designers at Keukenhof and Longwood Gardens visitors and members can experience this sensational exhibit.

Lilytopia – on display from May 21 -31, 2010 at Longwood Gardens.

Finally! All Veg in the Ground or Container or Raised Bed

Planted today – May 23:

Cucumbers – in a container with a trellis.

Cilantro – Potted a Cilantro seedling,

Visited Terrain in Kennett Square today, a sprawling garden mega store. Lots of unusual, hand crafted items – you will certainly pay for the uniqueness of the item. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and I took home a wooden crate and trellis for the cucumbers.

Container Cucumber

New Additions to the Veggie & Herb Garden

Potted new herbs:

Italian Parsley

Potted new vegs:

Pimento Peppers

In addition, I found two local flower and vegetable nurseries that were just around the corner, yet I never knew of their existence – Creek Edge Nursery and Bisirri Pansy Garden. Picked up a very healthy looking cucumber seedling for 50 cents at Creek Edge.

Bisirri is located in the middle of a residential street, if you weren’t looking, you would pass on by. Interesting what a world is opened when you garden.

Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence

Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence

This weekend at Winterthur, I picked up a book – a collection of letters between a play write and a gardener. The woman who sold the book to me sounded exactly like Julia Child.


Looking forward to reading this book.

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