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New rule: Honesty

We’ve had enough misdirection in our lives based on lies. Good, bad or ugly, truth always percolates. From now on, truth will be front and center.


Herb Harvest

This morning, I trimmed up the herb patch and came away with a haul of herbs.

Potted today 6-27-2010:

  • Moonflower
  • Pumpkin
  • Morning Glory

I used two different potting methods to germinate the seeds. I used Jiffy Peat Pots to grow the Moonflower and Morning Glory. For the pumpkins, I used biodegradable seed cups and added organic soil. The pumpkin seedlings will fill the space cleared from the Romaine harvest this morning.

Jiffy Peat Pots

Long Weekend Project

The garden underwent a huge makeover over the past few day. Finally, I can sip my tea and surf the web in comfort instead of enjoying the comforts of a concrete patio.

In addition, I added a mini greenhouse; an additional 4X4 raised bed, replaced more weedy lawn with grass seed; potted around a zillion plants; weeded the vegetable beds to an inch of their lives; creatively staked the Tomatoes..again; and added two solar lanterns.

Growth in the Garden

As time rolls on, the garden does grow. It is always a pleasure to see signs of growth and maturity in vegetable garden.




New 4X4 Garden Bed

Planted June 20th:

  • 4 Hosta ‘So Sweet’
  • 6 ‘Dusty Miller’
  • 6 Celosa ‘Amigo Magenta’
  • 2 New Guinea Impatiens
  • 1 Black-eyed Susan
  • 4 Zinnia ‘Coral Rose’
  • Allysium ‘Snow Carpet’

Garden Photos on Flickr

I’ve created a set on Flickr for photos taken of the garden – from the start until now. Take a look and let me know what you think of the collection. Let me know if you have a photo request for a veggie growing in the garden.

Come to think on it, I’ve yet to post my garden layout. No worries, I’ll have a post up shortly with the garden design.

Garden Edibles

Romaine Lettuce was the backbone of this delicious salad:

First Garden Salad

Sauce enhanced with fresh picked Basil and Rosemary:

Sauce with Fresh From the Garden Basil & Rosemary

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