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A Rainbow of Carrots

Sadly, customers only choice is orange carrots in the grocery store. There is a range of colors of colorful carrots overlooked by produce buyers.

A Rainbow of Carrots

One variety is purple/red on the outside and orange on the inside. All are absolutely delicious!

Dragon Carrot

How many times have you seen a purple peppers in the produce department? Urban gardening, doing the job the produce buyers won’t do.

Pinot Noir Peppers


Best Use of Fresh Picked Vegetables – Greek Salad Sandwich

Fresh Picked Garden Feast

Greek Salad Sandwich

Any type of flat bread
Romaine lettuce leaves
Tomato sliced
Red, Yellow or Orange sweet pepper, seeded and sliced.
Cucumber, thinly sliced
Feta cheese
Minced greek oregano leaves
Greek vinaigrette dressing

Spread humus on both halves of bread. Layer a slice of bread with Romaine, sliced tomato, sweet pepper slices, crumble feta cheese, cucumber slices and drizzle with Greek vinaigrette. Top with remaining bread slice.

Enjoy the Greek Salad Sandwich with a bottle of sweetened water.

June Garden Update

Challenging situations and disasters have been the running theme with the garden this year. It makes the memories of the garden last year seem idyllic; every plant grew according to plan and every seed sprouted within minutes of planting. It seemed I had the greenest of green thumbs for gardening.  Then reality struck.

So far in 2011 the garden has weathered record-breaking snow storms, landscaping projects that took weeks to complete and clean up, a total collapse of the mini greenhouse destroying seedlings in the process, birds uprooting growing corn and spectacular seed failures.

Despite the near disasters mentioned above the garden trundled on.  The challenges and problems I’ve faced this spring and early summer have been terrific teachable moments about gardening and perseverance. That what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger and I have a kick butt garden to show for it!

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May Garden Update

After much work, the garden is taking shape despite a greenhouse collapse and landscaping service from hell. There is still some tweaking to do, but the heavy lifting (17 bags at 40lbs each) is done. Mother Nature is now in charge of the veggies and I’m there to assist with watering and weeding.


A veggie mess on the patio:

Ready for the Outdoors!

Big, Pink and Organic

Finally, the seedlings arrived! Last fall I ordered these babies for shipment in April. I can’t wait to see what develops, I’m hoping for lots of pink, organic tomatoes. I’m all about color in the garden this year, as hinted at by the many photos of colorful tulips now blooming in the garden.

The seedlings arrived in a molded plastic container and seemed a tad bit wilted from their travels.

Big Pink Tomato Seedlings

A bit of water and a sunny spot on the windowsill has perked them up considerably.

Three Seedlings Unboxed

Speaking of tomatoes, I came across a small choice of heirloom tomatoes at a local Acme market. I’m guessing it is a Costoluto, although no name was given and they sold for $1.99/pound. Genuardi’s also sells heirloom tomatoes for $6.99/pound. In this single example, you can easily see how growing your own can help save a bit on the food bill.

Heirloom Tomato from Acme

In case you are wondering, heirloom tomatoes absolutely taste better than the average red tomato on sale in markets across the nation.

Garden Happenings

April has been a great month in the garden. I’ve planted out the garlic, onions and a row of Nantes Carrots in the raised bed. The Persimmon Tomato is finally sprouting! Yeah! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson first  cultivated this tomato? The Polish Linguisa is off to a good start and looks like it will soon need transplanting into a larger container. I’m still waiting for Cook’s to deliver my pink tomato seedlings.

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Spring Garden Update

Things are moving along in the garden. The tulips are just about ready to explode into masses of pink, white, purple, yellow and red.

A shy pink Hyacinth makes its début amidst a patch of red and white Tulips.


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