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When I’m Not Gardening…I’m Running

Landsdowne YMCA 5K Reindeer Run

What a fun run had by all this past Saturday! I recorded a personal best in the 5K (31:54) coming off of a knee injury this just rocks my world. An 8 am start at a brisk 31 degree temperature was a new challenge for me. In addition, the last time I did street running was the MCM 10K. Despite the cold, the early start time and unfamiliar course; I owned this run, instead of the trail owning me.  Lansdowne is about 45 minutes away from where I live; with an 8am start time, I was on the road at 6:00 am.

Landsdowne YMCA 5K Reindeer Run


Many thanks to my good photo buddy, Neocon,  for taking time to photograph this fun run.  You can view the rest of his photos HERE.


Landsdowne YMCA 5K Reindeer Run


Tulips On My Mind

Spring flower planning for the raised beds has begun and will include Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils and Crocus. Have bulbs on order from Burpee Seeds, trying out the  ‘Ice Cream’ Tulip this coming spring. Also, I picked up 50 Darwin Red and Darwin White Tulip bulbs from Longwood Gardens. Looking forward to a colorful spring in my award winning garden.

Behind the Scenes at Longwood Production Greenhouse

Ever wonder how Longwood Garden maintains its spectacular displays in the Conservatory and around the grounds?

Longwood Production Greenhouse

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to peek behind the scenes at Longwood Garden’s production greenhouses. The staff of Longwood offer a behind-the-scenes tour of the production greenhouses to small groups of visitors – no more than 20 per tour.  You get a first hand look at how large gardens organize, sow and grow numerous varieties of plants destined for display.

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Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence

Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence

This weekend at Winterthur, I picked up a book – a collection of letters between a play write and a gardener. The woman who sold the book to me sounded exactly like Julia Child.


Looking forward to reading this book.

Useful Garden Factoids

Do you know your hardiness zone? It’s like the ‘g- spot’ for gardeners. If not, the U.S. National Arboretum (USNA) has your hardiness zone mapped out for you. Mind you, the map has not been updated or reviewed since 1990. This web version is also a bit difficult to read, and if you are color blind, ask a trusted gardening buddy to decipher the color code. Seriously, I’m not being funny here – this map could be far more user friendly.

Northeast U.S. Hardiness Map

For the longest time, I considered myself in Zone it seems I’ve been moved to Zone 6B according to the USNA map.

Frost/Freeze dates are important dates when planning a garden. Some vegetables can be planted before the last frost , others must be planted after the last frost.  Victory Seeds provides a listing of first and last frost dates by state. I like that they include a link to the pdf of the source data used in creating their helpful listing.

Longwood Garden’s Idea Garden website has tons of good information on basic gardening questions. Visiting the Idea Garden provides more information and the ability to ask questions of the attending gardeners.

Gardener’s Supply Company  has a free tool to help you plan and organize your raised bed garden. The tool includes detailed information on the vegetables selected and pre designed vegetable garden plans to get you started. I ordered my 3X6 bed from this company and have been very pleased with the quality of the raised bed.

For down to the ground, practical gardening advice tune into Claire Moriarty’s YouTube videos.  Claire reports from her two allotments in green Britain.

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