How Do You Say ‘Holy Cow What A Great Exhibit’ in Dutch?

What found me in Kennett Square today was the need to renew my membership to Longwood Garden, while at the garden I planned to take a quick tour of the Idea Garden to see how their garden grows. I have to report that it growing very well and I only wish my vegetable gardens looked as smart as the one pictured below:

Vegetable Beds at Longwood

I even made a quick video of the Idea garden with my trusty Flip camcorder:

Walking past the conservatory, the wind carried a scent of flowers. Intrigued, I walked into the Conservatory and found myself speechless and immersed in the sweet fragrance of Lilies. I had entered into Lilytopia 2010.  While taking in this spectacular display, I met ‘The Lily Guy’ – one of the designers of this exhibit. Lucky for me, I had my handy Flip camcorder and recorded a quick interview:

Thanks to a wonderful collaboration of talented designers at Keukenhof and Longwood Gardens visitors and members can experience this sensational exhibit.

Lilytopia – on display from May 21 -31, 2010 at Longwood Gardens.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Longwood’s display is a testmament to what you can do with nearly unlimited funds and professional staff.

    Most of us have to settle for less. My own Lilypalooza is underway. I took these on Monday, May 24. Crappy shots with the cheapie digital:


  2. Posted by tania820 on May 24, 2010 at 9:29 PM

    Lovely photos!

    Although, I agree about the crappy digital shots. 🙂


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