Eat, Pray, Run in 2011

Celebrating the New Year Philly Style

This isn’t your typical New Year resolution post, I’ll leave that chore to lesser mortals; I didn’t earn the title of ‘goddess’ from nothing.  Of course, I’m fully aware that we are already a week into then new year; punctuality was never a strong trait for me.

So whats on deck for 2011?  Three simple yet closely interrelated actions: Eat, Pray, Run.


First Garden Salad

Since delving the world of organic vegetable gardening and winning a city-wide garden contest, there is a push to raise the bar in 2011. I’ve always needed a goal to focus my activities;  come spring I shall register the garden for the PHS City Garden Contest . I’ve taken the good advice from the PHS judges who visited last summer along with the lessons learned from my own successes and failures in the garden to create a new and improved urban organic vegetable garden.  The improvements and planning start this month. I’ve already ordered seeds from “The Cooks Garden” a seed company in Warminster, Pa. Currently, I’m researching landscaping professionals who can guide me on the best practice in removing  an overgrown evergreen bush. I will share more on the details of the garden in later posts.

Along with growing a garden, I want to improve upon the best part of growing your own veggies – eating them! Believe it or not, it is a struggle to merge garden fresh produce in everyday cooking. As a lifelong urbanite when I have time to cook it typically becomes a microwave miracle; eventually losing touch with fresh seasonal items which enhance everyday meals. Also, throwing everything into the refrigerator is a sure way to forgetful oblivion.  I have discovered many a tomato way past its ripe date pushed to the back of the refrigerator. Late in the season I discovered refrigerating tomatoes is bad practice.

Making an effort to bring fresh vegetables to the table is an important part in fueling the body. This directly ties into the “RUN” part of my New Year projects.



A deep subject indeed, let me explain the role of this action in the overall grand plan for 2011. Combining running and gardening this year, I want to make sure to find balance. I had to think about this and ask myself what do I mean by balance? I certainly can stand on one leg and not fall over most of the time but with these projects, I’m after a deeper meaning.  After some thought I find the goal is not to focus on perfection but to work towards being better.  Putting myself in situations that afford opportunities for growth and learning, skills that running and gardening amply give. I want to try to maximize opportunities of growth, to this end, I’m open to any philosophy that can give insight into attaining balance.


New Running Shoes

Running will certainly be a part of this journey. This year I am committing to four races that acknowledge the achievements of last year and move to a higher level:

2011 Broad Street Run
2011 Alex Lemon Run – benefiting the Alex Lemonade Stand Fund
Philadelphia Half Marathon*

I’m asking much from my body this year and for my part I’m going to make sure I give it the strength and nutrition to complete these tasks. As for the asterisk on the half marathon, Philly hosts two half marathons that are two months apart. The ING Rock N Roll Half Marathon in September and the Philadelphia Half Marathon the following November. I haven’t decided which half marathon to chose…maybe, just maybe…both. In between the two races is the Marine Corps Marathon 10K in October.  During the year 5K race will fill the gaps between the big events.

Mama mia!

Wishful blog posts aren’t enough to make Eat, Pray, Run a reality. I spent many hours already plotting out a rough schedule for the year, tracking plantings and training courses as well as the runs them self. This project cannot be anything but interesting, so stay tuned for updates as I progress through the year.

Happy gardening AND Happy running!


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