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My Little Garden Garners Another Award

I’m two for two with gardening and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) city-wide garden contest.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive notice of my garden placing third in mid-sized individual vegetable garden category.

I Rule the Garden

This award is a great achievement after all the frustrating challenges, seedling disasters, landscaping nightmare and bone breaking that went on this growing season.  In the end, the lessons learned this year far outweighed all the obstacles. I am looking forward to the next season in the garden.

Below are a few photos taken at the 2011 PHS Fall Harvest Festival and City Garden Contest Winner reception:

PHS City Gardens Award Ceremony

2011 City Gardens Contest

PHS Green Machine


Pretty Squash & Pumkin


PHS City Gardens Contest Award Ceremony

Award reception for the winners of the 2010 City Gardens contest was held at Urban Outfitter corporate office located in Philadelphia’s picturesque Navy Yard. The reception was held in conjunction with PHS annual Fall Harvest Festival.

My garden placed 3rd in the Mid-Sized Vegetable Garden Category.  What a great honor for my rookie year in gardening. This year there were close to 300 entrants in this contest and from that 140 gardens across 35 categories were chosen. Wait till next year, folks, you’ve not seen anything yet!

The Little Garden That Could – PHS City Garden Contest Winner!

I nearly dropped my ipod. I gasped as I read the letter.  Had the new kid on the block done the impossible? Yes, Yes, Yes!!!  A rookie gardener snags a prestigious gardening win!

2010 PHS Winner Letter

Wasn’t really expecting this and have not prepared a formal acceptance speech.  This garden is a labor of love and I’m ecstatic to have achieved this recognition in my first year of ‘real’ gardening.

I want to take this opportunity thank the judges who gave this garden a chance; the lovely staff at Feeney’s for their patience and advice; the family for pitching in; and thank you mother nature for working with me in turning a neglected yard into a delightful space.

Thank You!!

All I can say is Happy Gardening and onward to next year!

An award ceremony is planned during PHS Fall Festival

September 11, 2010
11 am – 4 pm
Rain or Shine
Philadelphia Navy Yard

Music, food, plants, shopping, workshops, gardening tips, children‘s activities and more—it’s all part of the PHS Fall Garden Festival at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Formerly known as Members’ Day, the event is expanding in 2010 to be better than ever.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Click on this link to view a Flickr slide show of my gardening journey.

PHS Judges Revisit My Little Garden

Last Monday, I had the pleasure to meet four judges from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and show them around my little garden. I was thrilled to discover that my garden was picked for final judging. Citywide judging was completed on August 2oth and now I await the decision of the judges to see how my garden fared in this year’s city garden competition.

The above photo was taken by one of the judges and she kindly emailed me a copy of the photo. Thanks, Vickie!

The Little Garden That Could

It seems my garden made it to round 2 – Final Judging for the 2010 PHS City Gardeners Contest.

PHS City Gardener Contest

Of course, my tomato plants have decided to collapse onto my herb patch, despite my creative staking efforts. Grrr!!!

I’m weeding, pruning, watering and generally fussing over the garden daily in anticipation of the judges visit.

PHS Visitors To The Garden

PHS City Garden Contest

It was a pleasure to welcome to my home and garden judges from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS). I appreciated their willingness to share their knowledge with a new gardener as they toured my small garden getaway.

Every summer, PHS conducts a city wide garden contest to recognize Philly residents who incorporate gardening into their urban lifestyle. I consider this contest as a way to continue William Penn’s vision of Philadelphia as a ‘Greene Country Towne.”

This was the first round of judging and I hope my little garden is found suitable for the second round of judging in August.

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