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Philly PodCamp 2011

Podcamp Philly

Podcamp Philly

This weekend, October 1 & 2, finds me at PodCamp Philly.  What is PodCamp?  It is a barcamp-style unconference focusing on blogging, video casting and social media.  Excellent lectures today filled with information that I plan to integrate into the blog. Some material presented today can also be cross-walked into my professional career. This was a day well spent in the pursuit of knowledge.

Check back here for write-ups of the lectures and, of course, more photographs.



Garden Photos on Flickr

I’ve created a set on Flickr for photos taken of the garden – from the start until now. Take a look and let me know what you think of the collection. Let me know if you have a photo request for a veggie growing in the garden.

Come to think on it, I’ve yet to post my garden layout. No worries, I’ll have a post up shortly with the garden design.

Moving In Day

With a wild and wicked wind blowing down trees this past Saturday, I headed off to Feeney’s Nursery with a list of ingredients for my soil mix. Two trips later, I was the proud owner of 24 bags of compost and topsoil each weighing 40lbs.  Each one had to be carried from car to backyard.

I ached in places I never knew existed. Guess what, I loved every ache. The process of creation is a heady feeling, indeed.


Based on the level and complexity of cursing spouted during construction, I would say this was a moderately easy project.


Both beds assembled and waiting for the soil mix. Buster was also impatiently waiting for the beds to be filled as well. The soil mix is like catnip for dogs.


Ignore the green mess between the two beds…I will deal with that after the beds are settled and running smoothly.

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