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Philly PodCamp 2011

Podcamp Philly

Podcamp Philly

This weekend, October 1 & 2, finds me at PodCamp Philly.  What is PodCamp?  It is a barcamp-style unconference focusing on blogging, video casting and social media.  Excellent lectures today filled with information that I plan to integrate into the blog. Some material presented today can also be cross-walked into my professional career. This was a day well spent in the pursuit of knowledge.

Check back here for write-ups of the lectures and, of course, more photographs.



My Little Garden Garners Another Award

I’m two for two with gardening and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) city-wide garden contest.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive notice of my garden placing third in mid-sized individual vegetable garden category.

I Rule the Garden

This award is a great achievement after all the frustrating challenges, seedling disasters, landscaping nightmare and bone breaking that went on this growing season.  In the end, the lessons learned this year far outweighed all the obstacles. I am looking forward to the next season in the garden.

Below are a few photos taken at the 2011 PHS Fall Harvest Festival and City Garden Contest Winner reception:

PHS City Gardens Award Ceremony

2011 City Gardens Contest

PHS Green Machine


Pretty Squash & Pumkin

2011 Broad Street Run Recap


Broad Street Run 2011 Medal


Quick impressions of the 2011 Broad Street Run:

  • Great course! Mostly a downward gradient with a few gentle hills.
  • The weather was pitch perfect for a run.
  • This course is best run without an iPod.
  • I wore a smile the entire course due to the wonderful supportive spectators that lined the entire course. My favorite were the church women dressed in their Sunday finest ringing bells and cheering the runners as they passed by.
  • Pure awesome moment of the race – rounding City Hall en route to South Broad Street I spied a sign hung over a balcony that read ‘Go Tania Go!’
  • Approaching the finish line at the Navy Yard, I enjoyed reading the chalk messages on the road. If you want to know content of the messages, I suggest you sign up for the 2012 Broad Street Run.
  • Running through open fire hydrants is a guilty pleasure 🙂
  • Plentiful water stations along the course which makes for a good distance run.
  • Medals were given to every finisher this year.
  • My official chip time: 1:47:57. Not too shabby for a first time run, now I have a benchmark time to improve upon next year.
  • Should you train for this run? Hell yes!   See you in 2012 🙂

2011 Broad Street Run – The Where, When and Why I’m Running

Team Philly

When and Where: Sunday, May 1st, 8:30 am – a 10 mile point-to-point course beginning at Central High School, running past varied neighborhoods and ending inside the Philadelphia Navy Yard. It is the most popular 10 mile race with 30,000 registrants planning to run 10 miles along Broad Street.

Why did I chose to spend several months training for this run? I don’t have a dramatic back story fueling my run nor a before and after tale to tell. I am a typical urbanite who decided to take up running after a decade or two of careful avoidance of any sort of running. I was always active with pilates, hiking, biking or scuba diving, yet running never made my to do list.  That changed in 2009 when I challenge myself to run a 5K (3.1 miles) for Alex Lemonade Stand Fund.  That run and the time training for it sparked an interest and I continued to run in fits and starts over the following year. After barely crossing the finish line at the 2010 MCM 10K, I decided to run the 2011 Broad Street Run.  Recognizing that to succeed and safely run this course, I was going to need the support of group training.  I found a postcard advertisement for Team Philly when I stopped by Philadelphia Runner and signed up as soon as the training became available.

Team Philly rocked my running world.

The difference good coaching, expert nutrition advice and supportive teammates makes in improving your running ability is fabulous. I no longer frame my running ability in what I can’t run, instead I speak of how I am going to reach my next running goal. Through this journey, I’ve discovered the path to a healthy lifestyle is not created via a magic pill or berry but through a series of small incremental changes in diet and exercise.  This complete paradigm shift in perception simply amazes me and has a positive effect on other areas of my life.  I like the sense of empowerment that comes from being able to do the things I thought I could not do and sharing this experience with others in my life.

With this support and knowledge, I look forward to the 2011 Broad Street Run and to the races yet to come.

Tania @ Bobtoberfest

Garden Happenings

April has been a great month in the garden. I’ve planted out the garlic, onions and a row of Nantes Carrots in the raised bed. The Persimmon Tomato is finally sprouting! Yeah! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson first  cultivated this tomato? The Polish Linguisa is off to a good start and looks like it will soon need transplanting into a larger container. I’m still waiting for Cook’s to deliver my pink tomato seedlings.

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2011 Philadelphia Donor Dash Race Recap

2011 Philadelphia Donor Dash

A brisk, sunny Sunday greeted participants of the 2011 Philadelphia Donor Dash. Hundreds of runners gathered to run a 5K or 10K race on West River Drive. The scenery was spectacular, the course flat and fast; in fact it was the same course for the Get Your Rear in Gear 5K /10K held in March of this year. The Schuylkill river was quite angry-looking after the deluge of rain on the previous day

Angry Schuylkill River

This was my first 10K race since October 2010 and I am happy to report I set a PR for this 10K, beating my last time by nearly 10 minutes. Still have work to do on my splits, but I am extremely pleased with this result. On my way back to the car, I snapped this photo looking towards Boathouse Row – prettiness all around.

Looking Towards Boat House Row

Race impressions:

  • Good decision in starting the 5K participants 20 minutes before the 10K participants.
  • Great location for the run itself on picturesque West River Drive.
  • Had no pre-race jitters at all, just focused on stretching and people watching. Leap frogged two groups of runners during the race.
  • I was delighted to see a hand washing station at snack tent post race.

Team Philly Update – I Can See City Hall From Here!

Team Philly Race Training

Little more than two weeks till the 2011 Broad Street Run, and the training is going very well. I’m confident that I’m going to have a good run on May 1st, thanks to the expert advice from the coaches, fitness experts and nutritionists of Team Philly.  Joining this group was a wise investment of time and money.  New this year for the 2011 Broad Street Run – Medals!

Ran the Kelly Drive Loop today. I adored this run,  the scenery is spectacular and it keeps your interest during the run. It is now my official favorite loop to run.

After last week’s run, I had time to snap a few photos of the Cherry Blossoms blooming all over the place. Ahh, I run in beauty.

Cherry Blossom

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