Gardening Derailed

Waiting to Run

A souvenier from the Merrell Down and Dirty Mud Run. I fractured my left middle finger and right ankle during the course. I’ve been hobbling around the house since then and the garden has truly gone native. I have managed to pick the ripe or just ripening tomatoes and untangled the pumpkin trailing tendrils. Weeds are growing wild and the brown, furry creature is back!

I will heal and look forward to getting the garden back to good. In the meantime, I’ve perfected my Gazpacho recipe using tomatoes I’ve harvested so far:


Finished product:

Gazpacho for Dinner


One response to this post.

  1. Just checked in on your blog…it’s been several months since I’ve been here. Sorry to here about your injuries…interesting running in the mud. Congrats on your gardening. Can’t remember where I found your blog, maybe the HGTV Green Home or DIY Blog Cabin. Check out the up coming homes when you get a chance. Take care.


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