2011 Broad Street Rerun Race Recap

2011 Broad Street ReRun Tech Tee

I’m loving the technical tee for this year’s run. The Broad Street Rerun is a 5 mile out and back course on Broad Street in Lansdale. It is a street run with several rolling hills, it is a good thing I work on hills once a week as the practice came in handy today.

Broad Street Rerun Tireless Supporter

The third annual 5 mile race to support the activities of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation representing Philadelphia, PA went off to a damp start with a brief rain shower just prior to the start of the run.

The run raises funds for the Delaware Chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation. The chapter assists families with a loved one diagnosed with hemophilia (Von Willebrands disease) or related bleeding disorders. This is not a disease restricted to a certain royal family but affects people from all walks of life.

Race impressions:

  • Long rolling hills; use downhills to make up time while conserving your energy on the uphills.
  • I cannot say thank you enough to the volunteers who lined the route cheering us runners.  I struggled on the last mile and half with a rather painful side stitch. It took the wind out of my sails, and it was encouragement from the volunteers that kept me running.
  • Special thanks to a fellow runner who shared good advice on managing the side stitch while continuing to run.
  • No chronotag on the bib, your place was marked using your bib’s tear off information and posted on a race result board. Talk about instant feedback on your ranking. I have to comment that this run was well-organized race from start to finish.
  • Philly soft pretzels at the finish of the run – excellent choice!

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