One Week From Today – 2011 Broad Street Run

Post 10K Run Hair

One week from today, myself along with my Team Philly teammates will embark on the 10 mile 2011 Broad Street Run. It seems a lifetime ago, actually February, when I dusted off the running shoes and started training for this race. My first training run was on cold, dark and rainy Valentine’s day.  Prior to that, I hadn’t run with any consistency since mid December. Well, to be honest, mostly not at all.

Feb 28th Team Philly Kickoff  introduced the training coaches, physical therapists, nutritionist, and social media coordinator who worked with us to gain knowledge and physical ability to successfully run this historic 10 mile race.  I also found on that day that a quick two-mile run in the city completely winded me – I could not keep up a simple conversation.  This past Saturday during our last long run, I focused on improving my pace while chatting away in complete sentences.

What a difference good coaching, expert nutrition advice and supportive teammates makes in improving your running ability. I no longer frame my running ability in what I can’t run, instead I speak of how I am going to reach my next running goal.  This complete paradigm shift in perception simply amazes me.

To get a taste of this upcoming race, I found a great blog post from the 2010 Broad Street Run. Hadas Kuznits documented her Broad Street run with photos AND video. What an impressive feat while running 10 miles!


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  1. Posted by Mike C. on May 5, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    And we did it….


  2. Posted by tania820 on May 5, 2011 at 7:11 PM



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