Garden Happenings

April has been a great month in the garden. I’ve planted out the garlic, onions and a row of Nantes Carrots in the raised bed. The Persimmon Tomato is finally sprouting! Yeah! Did you know that Thomas Jefferson first  cultivated this tomato? The Polish Linguisa is off to a good start and looks like it will soon need transplanting into a larger container. I’m still waiting for Cook’s to deliver my pink tomato seedlings.

The Costoluto Genovese is growing like mad – I transplanted it into a larger container and it sits happily on my window sill.

Garden fun

Transplanted the Chives to a larger container. Wow! Look at that healthy, extensive root growth! It is now residing in the greenhouse till I plant it in the herb grow bag. Until recently, the chives were growing on the windowsill next to the tomatoes. It was quite easy for me to harvest the chives for various recipes; in the greenhouse it will have time to grow undisturbed from harvesting.


The tulips are blooming like crazy! I love the burst of color they add to the garden in early Spring. The tulips look decidedly pink in color although the package advertised them as red tulips. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Garden fun

Container tulips are rocking the patio!

Garden fun

Shy Hyacinths are decorating the tiny patch of ground in the front of the house. By tiny, I mean a 2 foot X 2 foot section of earth surrounded by concrete. Such is city living and I am grateful to have even that much ground to work with.

Garden fun


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