Spring Garden Update

Things are moving along in the garden. The tulips are just about ready to explode into masses of pink, white, purple, yellow and red.

A shy pink Hyacinth makes its début amidst a patch of red and white Tulips.


Another week or so the “Ice Cream” Tulip will make a grand entrance! I am looking forward to this Tulip display.


I used many containers to house Tulips on the back patio. The container Tulips seem to have over wintered quite well and soon will bloom into a fabulous springtime display on the back patio.


I planted the two types of garlic bulbs – Duganski and Susanville in October 2010. They were not planted in the ground but in sections of cardboard towel rolls and placed in my little greenhouse to overwinter. Today they went in the ground and it was surprising to see how robust the roots were on these guys.


Honking long roots – yes, I do believe that is the technical term to use in describing the plants in the photo below. The cardboard rolls are biodegradable and planted along with the garlic. This is great way to reuse and recycle an item that othewise would have been discarded.


So now it is up to mother nature to continue their growth so I can enjoy home-grown garlic all year round.


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