2011 Broad Street Run Training Update

Welcome to My Life

Training continues for The Broad Street Run while the members of Team Philly continue to inspire my world.  It was such a good move to join this group in training for the Broad Street Run.  If you are a novice runner, you need get to know Team Philly.

This morning a 6:45 am, I meet up with Team Philly members for a 5 mile sunrise run  in 30 degree weather. Running in a dark, cold morning and absolutely LOVING it – This is what running is all about! I just have to add as a vehement NON Morning person, this run was down right miraculous!

All kidding aside,  once I started to thaw out the five miles flew by. During the run, I felt strong enough to play a running game I call leap frog.  It’s a simple concept; I choose a runner ahead of me and make it a goal to pass them, once accomplished, I pick another runner or group of runners ahead of me and so on and so on.   It gets my mind off the distance, the early hour or the chilling cold and maintains my focus on running.

I am looking forward to the first weekend in May and sharing my first Broad Street Run with Team Philly.


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