Ali Shapiro – 5 Foundations of Solid Eating for a Solid Race Performance

Rosemary Turkey

Monday night I joined several Team Philly members attending a  5 Foundations of Solid Eating for a Solid Race Performance-Free Workshop hosted by Ali Shapiro.

Don’t you love light bulb moments. Once you hear it the rest just clicks into place.  That is precisely what happened during this workshop.

Let me tell you, Ali, is one heck of presenter. Her knack for cutting through the layers of marketing misinformation about nutrition is outstanding.

She frequently shares her nutrition smarts on NBC’s “The 10 Show.”

She also is the author of “The Roots of Going Green”.

Getting back to basics, understanding food production and employing best nutritional practice in the kitchen are some of the underlying issues of this blog. As much as I have learned about organic gardening, there is much I don’t know and that is where Ali’s knowledge comes in.

Ali asked our group how many of us eat our meals quickly. If you timed me, I’m sure you would discover a Guinness world record. What clicked was the concept that what we eat is not necessarily the right stuff our body needs for everyday functioning. Eating too quickly and eating not so smartly leads to fatigue, stomach issues and a plethora of other issues.  I’m asking a lot from my body this year and this concept really hit home. If I don’t give the nutrients my body needs, these grand plans will come crashing down.

Oh, that ain’t gonna happen.

Tuesday I ate my normal meals; no breakfast (coffee during commute to work), lunch, three o’clock doldrum alleviated with a snack of the chocolate variety followed by a large-ish dinner, then a few hours later hunting for snacks in the kitchen. I chewed over how I felt when I ate and ways in which I could mesh what I learned at the workshop into my usual fare.

Que the next day…

Wednesday morning I made breakfast!  Eggs, banana, whole wheat toast. Salad for lunch with spinach leafs added to the usual romaine. Craisins for snacks and a protein smoothie in the afternoon.  Roasted chicken with spring linguine with basil for dinner .

So far, I’ve not taken away anything from my diet, only substituted better choices. Yes, I feel more energized, less fatigued and happy with these additions to my diet.  Many thanks to Ali for facilitating my ‘light bulb’ moment.

PS: Typed this post while sipping Serendipity tisane ‘Ambrosia‘.





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