March Garden Update

What a difference a few weeks can make.  It is time for an update on the comings and goings of urban gardening in Philly. The first two months of this year were brutal weather wise and I lost both rosemary plants to the excessive snowfall. Then the snow melted, the sun started to shine and nature began to poke its way to the surface.

The bed pictured below eventually will bloom into a bed of red and white tulips.

A Sea of Red and White Tulips

It’s alive!!!  Went to show the potato seedlings to my niece and nephew only to discover the seedlings had enough of winter and started growing on their own.

They're Alive!

Freaked all of us out when I opened the container.  I plan to order new seedlings in the upcoming week for use in potato grow bags purchased from Gardeners Supply Company.

The greenhouse/cold frame is quickly filling up with plants, flowers and seed trays. The garlic are nearly ready to plant in the raised bed. They have been doing fantastically well in the greenhouse/cold frame over winter.

Cold Frame/Greenhouse

In the front patch of ground the Crocus have finally made their Spring debut:

Pretty Crocus

The Hyacinth’s are starting to peek above ground:

Hyacinth Emerging


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  1. I hardly think those potatoes won’t still grow fine for you. They probably would.


  2. […] March Garden Update ( […]


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