The Yet Distant, but Surely Coming Spring

“There is always in February some one day, at least, when one smells the yet distant, but surely coming spring”

Gertrude Jekyll

A few days ago Mother Nature gifted the Northeast with a teaser of the coming Spring. Since that glorious spike in warm weather, I’ve noticed early signs of the coming spring; Crocus buds just breaking the surface soil and Tulip buds discovered yesterday while cleaning up the garden. It has been a miserable, unrelenting winter and the state of the garden reflected the impact of ice, snow and high winds.  Restoring the garden after such a winter is energetic and dirty work; calling on Colbert to help out was not a viable option.

I’m pleased to see the Tulips making their entrance in this bed. After checking other tulip beds and containers, I found  one bed where the soil was frozen solid. Crossing my fingers to see if the bulbs survived this deep freeze, if all goes well, beautiful deep purple and pink tulips should emerge from that bed. The tulip buds pictured below are a grouping tulips arranged in rows of alternating red and white tulips.

Signs of "Spring" Life

In case you are wondering, yes, I went a wee bit overboard with tulip bulbs last fall. If all goes according to plan the garden will explode with colorful tulips…or not.

The first of the seeds of the 2011 growing season began their growing journey this weekend. The following seeds planted on Feb 19th include:

Persimmon Tomato – Renee’s Garden
Costoluto Tomato – Renee’s Garden
Chianti Rose Tomato – Renee’s Garden
Scallion Onion – Cooks Garden
Jewel Toned Beets – Renee’s Garden
Sweet Peas (Cupid) – Renee’s Garden
Texas Early Grano 502 PRR Onion – Victory Seed Company
Burrell’s Yellow Valencia Onion – Victory Seed Company
White Sweet Spanish Onion – Victory Seed Company

Onions starting  from seeds, not bulbs, is one of the great experiments for this year.  This is the year of heirloom tomatoes, colorful cauliflower and rainbow bell peppers.  Stay tuned for more colorful developments!

I'm all about Sweet Peas this year


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    I saw you on Philadelphia blogger. I hope you put up a picture of your garden when it is filled with colorful tulips. I also use How do you add those categories at the top like Blog Policy and Contact? I need to do that. Also how do you get that Twitter icon on your site so people can follow you?


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