Valentine’s Day Fun Run With Philadelphia Runner

Valentine's Day Race T-shirt and Sweaty Band

Valentine’s Day Fun Run report.

Philly’s premier running store, Philadelphia Runner, hosted a Valentine’s Day 5K fun run followed by dinner, drinks and music.

The run began at 6 dark pm, starting at the store at 16th and Samson with a comfortable loop around the Schuylkill banks to the Parkway and ending at Philadelphia Runner.  It is an easy run for one accustomed to running in dense urban areas with cars, curbs, scaffolding and traffic lights. That person is not me.  The trail was completely unfamiliar and it was nighttime.

Not surprisingly,  I lost my way when I separated from the pack and ran a little over 4 miles, if one is to believe Nike+ readings, before returning to the store.

It was a perfect night for a run, with a brisk breeze and city lights reflecting off the Schuylkill river,  it was simply magical. I could have run for some time on that trail, however, food, drink and music called me back to the store.

The sweaty band pictured above worked perfectly – it did not move at all. I give the product two thumbs up. Oh, I love black running shirts, they scream don’t mess with this runner. Grrrr!


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  1. […] running shoes and started training for this race. My first training run was on cold, dark and rainy Valentine’s day.  Prior to that, I hadn’t run with any consistency since mid December. Well, to be honest, […]


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