New Years Eve Breakfast Scones

New Year’s Eve begins with a homemade breakfast, this year I’m trying out a White Chocolate Raspberry scone mix from Rabbit Creek Gourmet Food Products.  The packaging included a small whisk to combine the scone ingredients and water. The amount of product, according to the instructions yields about 16-18 scones. I made 6 rather large scones with this batch. In doing so, I increased the length of time recommended to cook the scones; from 14 minutes to 20 minutes.  Oh did these taste heavenly, you can see the dense amount of raspberry and white chocolate chips in the raw mix.  A tasty twist on an old tradition.
In the photo below, I’ve mixed the white chocolate raspberry scone ingredients and ready to place on cookie sheet:

Mix ingredients with a half cup of water

In the oven – nice and hot:

Set oven to 400 degrees, bake 11-14 minutes

Finished product served with Strawberry, Apricot preserves and Cranberry applesauce.

White Chocolate Rasberry Scone


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