Philadelphia Snowmageddon 2010

On this last week of the year 2010, I’m pleased to have taken time off from work reflecting on events of this year and enjoying the foot of snow blanketing Philly.

Buster, my not-so-little love bug pet, is in his favorite element – snow! He and I spent time this morning traipsing through snowy woodlands across the street from my house. I love his smile when we walk together.

Snowy Buster

I’ve never encountered such an expressive dog – he communicates so much just through facial gestures. He rarely barks, just uses various expressions to get his humans to comply to his wishes. Simply amazing.

Buster enjoying his favorite element - snow

In case you are wondering, Buster is a Pomeranian and American Eskimo mix. I rescued him two years ago and can’t imagine him not in my life.

The snow necessitated changes in plans for this week, but it opened avenues of other joys.  I hope all are taking a moment or two to enjoy this snowmageddon. I’m glad I did.


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