This Doesn’t Look Good for Local Farmers Markets

My stomach is clenching as I read the details of the FDA Food and Safety Modernization Act that has reached the Senate for vote. This bill will have a devastating impact on small local food producers ability to provide fresh produce at low cost to consumers.

Philadelphia has a thriving local grown market where urban gardeners raise nutritious, organic vegetables and sell them to co-ops such as Weaver’s Way. The Horticultural Society sponsors a program called Community Gardening Alliance which teaches amateur urban farmers how to make money from their produce. These well thought out programs tap into the rich history of urban gardening in Philadelphia and teaches the value of honest work for a fair wage. Best of all this increases the amount of fresh, organic food available to Philly residents. You can read more about the Community Gardening Alliance by clicking on the link below:

Making a go of Urban Gardens – Pete Crimmins WHYY

See how the Weaver’s Way Co-Op is working together with urban farmers to gather the freshest organic produce for sale in their farmer’s market:

The vaguely defined bill and burdensome mandates are real threats to our local farmer’s markets and co-opts. Please contact your Senator and ask them to vote NO on S.510, the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act

Oh, I hope the Philly gardeners selling their produce to Weaver’s Way Co-Op have purchased a business privilege permit. The city frowns on not getting their 6.45% of your profit.


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