Carrot Harvest and Seedling Update

Not bad for a beginner! Next time, I will be more aggressive when it comes to thinning the carrot seedlings and loosening the soil. The varieties pictured above are Chatenay and Scarlett Nantes. Two safe (i.e. practically guaranteed to grow) types of carrot. I’m perusing Territorial Seed catalog for next year’s selection and am digging the purple ones. I will say the carrots grew remarkably well on the 4X4 raised bed. Next year, I’ll try them in the 3X6 bed and in containers on the patio.

The beets are coming up quite well and I can’t wait to put these in the 4X4 raised bed. I’ve got three varieties – Red Sangria, Golden, and Striped Chiogga growing in the greenhouse. I’m hoping for a good Romaine lettuce harvest before the first frost as well.

I’ve planted more Romain seeds as well as Burpee’s Red Beet seeds – one can never have enough beets. Yes, that would be my eastern European ancestry coming through. There is nothing like a good onion and beet soup – mmmm..mmmm..good.


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