Green Manure for Raised Beds

Crimson Clover - Green Manure

Crimson Clover, a green manure, arrived today along with a packet of free seeds encouraging gardeners to donate fresh veggies to a food bank.

This green manure will be sown on the three raised beds this fall and will remain over winter till it is cut down early spring. The cover crop is then blended into the soil adding much needed organic material. This is an all natural way to boost the nitrogen content in your soil which in turn will boost your crop yield.

Apparently, that chem class in HS or College was not completely useless 🙂


One response to this post.

  1. Sounds like too much trouble to me. I’ll just keep on tossing out pounds of 10-10-10 and dousing everything in sight with Miracle Gro.

    Better living through Chemistry!


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