More Signs of Life in the Garden

First Big Boy Harvested - Many More to Come

The Big Boy tomato plants are heavy with fruit. I’m looking forward to many bowls of gazpacho and savory stuffed tomatoes.

More growth below the cut.

Cucumbers are sprouting like mad in their container. I’m seeing great results from the container, and love searching for early, baby cucumbers like the one pictured below:

Baby Cucumber

I was worried about the lack of fruit from the eggplant, then one day I see three baby eggplants. Where did they come from?

Black Beauty Eggplant

Eight Pimento peppers, one for each day of the week and a spare. Stuffed peppers…yum!

Pimento Peppers

Last, but not least, the herbs are overflowing and I love having a variety of fresh herbs to add to every meal. This is why I garden – fresh food tastes better.


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