New Additions To The Garden

Last week I wrote of the completion of the garden, well, I was premature in that assessment. I picked up packets of Carrot seed at a local grocery the other day and have planted three of the five varieties.

The seeds are from NK Lawn and Garden based in Norton, Massachusetts. I’m taking a leap of faith in planting the seeds directly into the garden and hoping for the best.

Of the five varieties, I planted today:

Chatenay – “Outstanding in heavy, poor soils. Short, thick carrots keep flavor without becoming woody.”

Little Finger – “Ideal for serving whole as baby carrots. The short, cylindrical roots have smooth skins and sweet flavor.”

Scarlet Nantes – “Dependable sweet flavor, snapping-crisp texture and bright orange color.”

I made sure the seeds were planted between the rows of onions in the raised beds – a tip gleaned from Claire’s Allotment video series on YouTube. The remaining two types of carrots, Tendersweet and Danvers, will be sown in 3 week increments to extend the carrot harvesting time.


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