Herbs in the Ground – and Thriving!


Herbs purchased in early April are in the ground. What fun I had digging up clay and rocks in order to prep the soil for these herbs. Interesting to note, the soil was filled with wriggly worms, much to the delight of my local Red-breasted Robin. Based on that observation, I decided to scrap the idea of placing a weed mat down before adding soil to my raised gardens. Worms are an asset to any garden and I want them to be a part of mine, no matter how much they creep me out.

On to the herbs. They have been taking off – I’ve already picked a few basil leaves for picnics and pasta dishes:

Pasta and Fresh Basil

As you can see, I planted the herbs prior to installing the raised beds. To the left of the photo, there a cleared space for a 3 X 6 bed and to the right is space for the 4X 4 bed. Both beds are 8 inches deep.

The yard at this point is in need of serious weeding, the next scheduled project is to tackle weed clearing  prior to installing the beds.


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