In The Beginning…Weeds and Compacted Soil

April 2010 – The month that ushered the beginning of the renaissance of an urban Philadelphia backyard that had long been ignored. The soil is mixed with construction debris. The topsoil was removed with construction. This is typical for most houses in the neighborhood. My grand plan is to use raised garden beds to circumvent the poor soil conditions. The garden will be organic and as self sustaining as I can make it be. With any project, it is wise to consult the experts before embarking on your plan. I’ve consulted a local garden center and made numerous visits to the Idea Garden @ Longwood Gardens. I left Longwood with visions of cucumbers and tomatoes dancing in my head.

Then reality struck – with weeds and compacted, rocky soil. Oh My!

This is the beginning of something wild and beautiful. Stay tuned for more updates from your garden goddess.


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